Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Library

Hadn't been to our local library in awhile. Busy writing a new novel, articles and stories and when I have the time to relax buying and reading a new eBook. When I walked past the library yesterday, I was shocked when I read that it is now closed on Sundays and offers fewer hours on Thursdays. Remembering my childhood, all I could think of were today's children who have parents who are unemployed, underemployed or just can't afford all the books necessary to learn.

The books I borrowed from the library made a great difference in my life allowing me to study the way other people lived and introducing me to other countries. Reading Edna Ferber's Show Boat made me long for a career in the theatre and I tried and succeeded after reading every play and theatre biography on the shelves. Most of all, the books I read transported me to other worlds, a lifelong love of reading and a second career as a writer.

Did you, as a child, haunt libraries the way I did?



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  1. I neglect libraries these days as I tend to buy ebooks. I feel guilty about that neglect because I feel strongly that every child should have access to all the free books they can read. It's sad to see libraries falling on hard times.