Friday, June 10, 2011


After complaining about the cold all winter, New York is having an early heat wave. Finally changed my closet from heavy clothing to light. Rain pelted the city accompanied by lightining and thunder last night and the temperature dropped a few degrees. Today, I'll mange a walk although it's safer not to breath in too much of the humid air.

Worked on the novel all morning and will research this afternoon. Tonight I'll dream of Sorrento and walks along narrow, dirt paths leading from a small hotel to the town. Olive trees stare from behind a fence and I can hear chickens cackle at a rooster who proclaim's his authority. I'll think of the old town and the lunch of pasta with white clam sauce and the glass of white wine and the English tourists my husband and I met and conversed with. We discussed the state of the world--unable to solve its problems, we still felt better after we talked.



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