Saturday, June 25, 2011


Editors I have loved--platonically--and lost leave a gap in my life and I imagine in the lives of my fellow writers. The world of magazines has changed along with paper and print. There are three editors I miss in particular. One edited for an on-line publication that sold property in Europe and Asia but used short pieces about travel destinations, restaurants and museums within those countries. Once an article that I wrote was accepted, I wrote a good deal about travel for them. They also had several print publications that paid larger fees and several of my longer pieces appeared in those. I enjoyed working with the two editors as they published the types of pieces I enjoyed writing and they clearly defined the publication's needs.

After a few years the publication was sold and one editor left for a technical magazine--I don't know what became of the other but I wish them both exciting and fulfilling futures.

The third editor worked on a historical e-magazine and I don't know why but the articles I wrote never reached her desk until--one day--my contact went on vacation and the editor found the first piece I had written. It was published and led to two more and a third requested. Unfortunately--the magazine went under.

I guess I've been fortunate in finding editors that are so good at what they do that I not only miss writing for their publications but I miss both their corrections, humor and dedication.

Do you miss special editors and publications?



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