Friday, June 3, 2011


Stick to one genre? It works well for others but it’s not for me. I love to travel and travel leads to non-fiction articles. The people I meet, an off-beat place or a different slant on a well-known tourist spot encourages me to write. A site—with a mystery that has never been solved, or an overheard conversation lends itself to fiction—if I don’t know how a story ends I have to invent one. History goes along with travel—time travel—back to the past. How did people live, would I have been the same person I am today if I lived then, what was it like in different lands, under different laws? How did people eat, cook, dress, rule and love? Dig into history and there’s another tale to be told. Mysteries, romances, science-fiction, literary, you name the category—narrative that doesn’t fit into a short story—pieces that fit together with the actions, speech and thoughts of characters that demand to be heard become a novel.
When it comes to writing I play the field. Please let me know your thoughts—do you wear different hats?



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