Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr. Gershwin

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     Today is George Gershwin's birthday. Born on Sept. 26, 1898, he left our world on July 11, 1937 at the
age of 38. He left us with music that brightens our lives whenever and whenever it is played. The son of Russian immigrants he began playing the piano at the age of 11 when his parents bought a second-hand piano for his older brother, Ira--who became a brilliant lyricist.
     A school dropout at 15, he began playing in New York night clubs and as a song plugger in Tin Pan Alley and he kept studying music with noted piano teachers. He worked as a rehearsal pianist for Broadway performers and had his first song published in 1916, titled "When You Want 'Em, "You Can't Get 'em." He wanted to study with Ravel but Ravel turned him down saying,"Why do you want to be a second rate Ravel when you are a first rate Gershwin?"
     Gershwin wrote hit after hit  with brother Ira. A motion picture starring Janet Gaynor and all time favorites for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. He wrote for Ethel Merman's Broadway debut titled "Girl Crazy," and Of Thee I Sing--a political satire. His opera, Porgy and Bess just received another production, and his "Rhapsody in Blue," and "American in Paris," continue to bring joy to music lovers everywhere.
     Stories are told of him sitting down at a piano and performing at every party. If there is a heaven, I'm sure he's playing right now.




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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


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     One of the definitions the dictionary assigns to the word Medium is—an intervening substance through which something is transmitted or carried on. Another is—An Agency by which something is accomplished, conveyed or transferred. As writers we fit that description as we summon events from the past or gaze into the future, ask long-gone friends about their life in another sphere and transform their words, their history, their period into a happening that transports the reader into another time and place.
     Some Mediums claim to be taken over by spirits who use their voice. We listen to our characters who often change the way we first envisioned them. A hero may turn into a villain and the plot we’ve worked so hard on will be altered as the people that inhabit the pages of our short stories or novels choose a different path.
     Near the beginning of history attempts were made to communicate with spirits and mentioned in the Old Testament. In 19th century England and America Mediums gave lectures and became authors. Some even wrote best-sellers. A Medium will do a reading for a particular client known as a “sitter.” We read our manuscripts aloud to ourselves and support groups who sit around a table waiting to offer suggestions that will help us to see if the manuscript is ready to be submitted to publishers.
     Then there is the Trance Medium where a spirit uses the Medium’s mind to communicate and said to center attention on the thoughts being conveyed. When we sit down at our computers or tablets or pick up a pad and pencil, we focus our attention on the words that we write. We do without trumpets, cabinets, levitation tables, darkened rooms and smoke but we do employ mirrors.

When you tell your story, do you ever think of yourself as a Medium?


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Friday, September 14, 2012


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     Wallander and his Masterpiece Mystery! Series III began last Sunday evening on our public television station. The landscape and his new home on lush land—complete with lover and her young son and dog are destined to be immersed in gloom and doom. Wallander—his jaw marked with the stubble of an unshaved face and his sad tired eyes won’t be getting a much deserved rest—he finds a corpse on his property. And will soon find two more—all related to his case. Usually, I like my mysteries spiked with a touch of humor but played by the magnificent Kenneth Branagh, Wallander’s story—though I guessed the villain—hooked me and I look forward to episode number two. I’m sure the body count will grow during this four part series.
    What television mystery series are your favorites?

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