Monday, March 7, 2011


This past week, public radio and television stations have been asking for contributions to keep their programs on the air. One of the announcers asked what would our lives be like without the arts and it got me to thinking. In the morning, after washing my face and teeth and throwing on some clothes, the first thing I do is turn the radio to our classical music station-WQXR-and listen while I make breakfast. Sometimes, after a restless night, the music soothes, sometimes a piece spurs me on to a more productive day. On weekends, I listen to Jonathan Schwartz on WNEW as he plays and talks about musical comedy and jazz greats. Singers like Sinatra and Clooney and Bennett. The fabulous Ella Fitzgerald and the singer's singer--Mabel Mercer. Composers and lyricists like Rogers, Bernstein, Porter, Gershwin, Hammerstein and Sondheim. What would I do without those stations?

Then there are museums where average folk can wander and fall in love with paintings that cover every taste from early Greek and Roman, African and Asian, renaissance, classical, impressionism, modern, and folk. Sculpture from the masters--Michelangelo, Rodin, Degas and photography--one of our latest arts. In Brussels--one can even study and gaze at the Ninth Art--cartoons.

Perhaps books mean the most to me. Words can make me dream, add excitemnt to a dull period in my life, encourage laughter and tears. Provoke anger, lull me to sleep and make me think. Books open my mind to the possible and sometimes make the impossible--possible.

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