Thursday, March 10, 2011


A friend called this morning. she had been given an eReader for Christmas and was in the middle of reading Scene Stealer. We had worked in musicals together and she asked if a character in one of my chapters was based on a tenor we worked with. "Who?" I asked. I finally remembered the man she was talking about but I guess He hadn't made that much of an impression on me and he wasn't the character. Different height, weight, sexual orientation, outllook--in my mind he was completely different than the personality she imagined. Prhaps that's why when a book is made into a picture, many readers are disappointed.

Writers--have you had an experience like mine?



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1 comment:

  1. I get this mostly from close friends and family who read my stuff. They always say something like, "Is Honovi based on X?" or something like that. I think the mind sees what it wants to.