Thursday, March 31, 2011


June 28th was a memorable day in my life. The day when Scene Stealer was launched by Carina Press, I can’t remember what the weather was like but in my mind it must have been sunny, warm and lovely. I expected to receive “Congratulations,” from family and friends and I eagerly and nervously awaited reviews but something I never expected would happen—happened—once a few of the relatives and friends read the book and expressed their secret desire to write. My problem was they wanted to partner up and write with me. How do you tell the people you love and care about that you’re a loner enjoy characters that emerge from my imagination and—in your humble opinion—they should sit down with pen, paper, typewriter or computer and give it a try.

It isn’t easy. One relative continued communicating but I don’t think he finished the book. A friend took my advice but I’ve heard nothing further.

How many of you enjoy a partner? How many are loners like me? How many have friends who suddenly decide to write?


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