Friday, March 18, 2011

A Day Off, A Day In

Meant to spend today at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, drinking in Cezanne. Rambling through the photography exhibits then stopping for lunch at a little spot with excellent Chinese food and affordable prices. Ahh, twas not to be. The cold I've been fighting since Tuesday won. The usual sore throat and sneezing--so the day was spent at the computer cutting an article with occasional stops for lemon drops, tea, orange juice, extra vitamin C and chicken soup. The Met is postponed until next week. Supper tonight will be yogurt and left-over Irish Soda Bread.

The article is simmering until tomorrow when I will take another look, then send it on its merry way. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about the novel, thoughts creep into my mind at unexpected times. What would we do without that pad and pencil by the bed?



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