Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Love and romance are in the air. After all, Kate and William are walking down the aisle this week. I keep thinking about my Aunt Molly's wedding to Uncle Artie. I was taking singing lessons preparing to becoming a big, big star and my mom talked Molly into letting me sing Oh, Promise Me as the happy couple waited for the magic words that would unite them. the sister-in-law of another aunt would accompany me on the piano. We discovered as we were about to launch into the song that I was a belter (Oh, Promise Me is not a typical song for belters) and the accompanist couldn't transpose.

Somehow we managed to get through the first chorus--I believe I sang it acappella and all would have been well except I decided to launch into a second chorus. Poor Molly never forgave me and swore she would have a future child sing at my wedding. However, Molly and Artie had a happy and successful marriage. All my good wishes go to William and Kate but I'm no longer available to sing that song. My days are spent at the keyboard writing.



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  1. LOL What's a wedding without a hiccup? I hope Kate and William have their happy ever after, but here in Australia we're drowning in "wedding coverage" and I'm sick of it. If they'd asked me, I'd have said, "Elope!!!"

  2. But kudos to you for singing!! I always wished I had some sort of a singing voice. My songs only sound good in the shower. :-)