Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vendors's Day

Today in NYC, we celebrate our vendors. We're paying more attention to the men and women who man the food, ice cream and pretzel carts around the city since two vendors notified the police when they noticed smoke coming out of a parked van. Sure enough, a would-be terorist was trying to set off a bomb in our Theatre District. The quick-thinking vendors saved the day.

The carts offer every kind of food from hot dogs to Chinese food to tacos to falafel, vegetarian to kosher, spicy to bland.

Then there are the gentlemen who sell inexpensive watches, imitation purses with a design logo, scarves, jewelry, gloves and what about those I Love NY tee shirts that sell for the reasonable price of three for a dollar?

Near the museums, you'll find reproductions of famous pieces of art, crafts and original paintings. Near the theatres, caricaturists will be happy to immortalize you.

Tel a visitor that the design items are fake and they'll tell you--Hey! it's NY.



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