Friday, April 15, 2011


What would a writer do without pockets? Whenever I went on a trip I wore pants. Pants with pockets. Especially useful when I was writing a travel article. One pocket held a small notebook and ballpoint pen that would later jog my memory when I sat down to write about an interesting story, statistic, tragic or humorous event that had taken place on that very spot or area. Another pocket held a record book--normally used to jot down check numbers. The book's latest use? To record the number of the photo and a note about where the picture was taken or what the object was or who I was trying to capture. I tried using a recorder but found the noise of a motor or engine would drown out my words or the words of a guide and sometimes I became so interested in the subject I didn't realized the tape had run out. Another pocket would hold a few small bills and around my neck I wore a grouch bag that held more money and a passport if there were no safe in the hotel. Water and sun lotion resided in a bag or backpack. A sweater was tied around my waist and a sun hat guarded my face from the hot rays until I lost it after removing the hat to take a photo. Some trips I lost as many as three.

Sometimes a trip would reap a lot of material and a major job was getting the photos on the computer and labeling them. Great fun and great memories.

What is your favorite outfit for trips or interviews?



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