Saturday, January 21, 2012


Jerome, an opossum, made yesterday's New York Times. It seems Jerome decided to try out New York's subway system. He boarded in Brooklyn and traveled the rails all the way to the Bronx on the D train. Managed to get a car all to himself by simply baring his teeth--he is one smart possum. Hmm...I wonder if I could get more space by baring my teeth. Jerome was locked into the car for nine hours waiting to be released. Though hungry, I'm sure, and cold, he achieved his objective--finally being released at 205th street in the Bronx. He was named for Jerome Avenue--the Avenue close to the rail yard where trees and shrubs can be found. Perhaps he's an Anglophile hooked as most Americans are on the television series, "Downton Abbey," and set off to find a bit of history at the end of the line. Perhaps he thought Jerome Avenue was named after Jenny Jerome-the American heiress-- who married Lord Randolph Spencer-Churchill and gave the world Winston.

I hope Jerome found what he was looking for and wish him every happiness.


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