Friday, January 6, 2012


A new year and I woke up and thought about how lucky I am--actually how lucky every person that chooses a career he or she loves will be. Most authors will never make a financil killing but we're happy to make a living. I know we all remember the first short story or article we've had published and the first one we received a check for. I ran around my apartment yelling, "I'm a writer. Someone actually paid for my writing." Buried in a box of momentos is a magazine with my first story published (a fictionalized story about memories and my family) and a photocopy of the first check I received (for an article on tent theatre in Pennsylvania.) A supportive rejection from the editor of a well-known theatre magazine--who took the time to write me--encouraged me to send the article to another magazine. Blessings on his head, I think of him often. I offer a cyber-toast to all writers. A prolific and happy 2012 to all. Do you remember your first published piece?



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