Monday, January 2, 2012


Cheetah, who appeared in Tarzan movies with Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan has left this world. There's a disagreement about when and where he passed on. A refuge in Florida claims he was eighty and came from the Weissmuller estate while others say he passed on many years ago. It doesn't matter because many people mourned the passing of the chimp who had given them happiness and came to the service to pay their respects. Cheetah brought back memories of wonder and childhood fun. What child hasn't wanted to swing through the trees with Tarzan and make friends with a chimp? Who hasn't thought about communicating with another species?

At the zoo in Albuquerque, I stopped before the glassed in enclosure of a charming ape. A docent, who passed by, told me the ape was extremely curious and would love to know what was in my handbag. I opened it and showed her a notebook and my cosmetics--a brush, lipstick, mirror--I had a most enjoyable time and I think she did too. Then I became aware of a crowd surrounding us--our private time was over.

I became distressed at the zoo in San Diego. My eyes and the eyes of a gorilla holding her baby met and as fine as her enclosure was, it was tight. Not as large as you might think at first and no enclosure could be large enough when your freedom to roam is restricted and I suddenly realized how unhappy she was.

So Cheetah and all the Cheetahs who have left our world. rest in peace and Thank you for all the laughter and love you have given us.


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