Friday, November 4, 2011


This year is the 125th anniversary of The Statue of Liberty. Given to our country by France in honor of the friendship between out two nations, the lady means much more to the immigrants that longed to reach America's shores and become a part of our democracy. Emma Lazarus wrote the words, that most of us learned by heart, "Give us your tired, your poor..." On my mother's side, my forefathers came to America from Russia. They were grateful to escape the pogroms (hidden by a neighbor until the Cossacks passed) that swept that country whenever the Tsar needed a distraction. I have a photo of the ship they arrived on and the manifest with their names. It's framed and on the wall of my bedroom. Their name is engraved on the wall at Ellis Island with all the others who endured harsh voyages, bad food, crowded conditions and the need to learn a new language, new customs and face the prejudices of those who came before them and wanted to shut the door to our land. They loved this country and passed that love to their children and their children's children and on and on and on to each succeeding generation. From shoemakers and hat cutters in dismal factories came teachers and social workers, doctors and lawyers, performers and a writer. G-- bless America.


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