Monday, November 14, 2011

Not a Good Tech Day and I'm Venting

1. Have had and loved my Nook (the first edition) for over a year then last Friday, I bought a copy of John Lithgow's Biography and downloaded three free classic mysteries at the same time. When I tried to read the bio., I got a message telling me I needed to use WiFi. Since I never needed to do that before even though I have WiFi on the Nook, I called tech support. The tech I spoke too couldn't correct it and told me it was the telephone even blaming a specific company that has nothing to do with my phone service. Went to Starbucks and used their WiFi but before I buy anything more, I'd like to find out what happened and wrote to customer service. Waiting for an answer.
2. Tried to play a DVD, turned on the TV and the screen read No Signal. Called the company last night and after many things were tried, the tech said she would leave notes and I should call back this morning. the new tech had no notes and told me to use the television remote,then tried to blame the TV set. Asked her to send a live Tech and she said I might have to pay for the visit.

What's going on? Thanks for listening. Feel better now.

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