Thursday, September 19, 2013

That Ah Hah Moment

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     You’ve finished several drafts, gone back to the beginning, determined whether the plot makes sense, learned about your characters backgrounds and kept them near you throughout the day, checked the time line, sentence structure and spelling, and yes—it all makes sense. But...something is off, you know you’ve missed a vital element somewhere in your story—what do you do now?
     Think about the new narrative before you go to sleep? I’ve woken up and there it is—everything falls into place. Decide to cook something you’ve never cooked before? Sure. Why not? It can take your mind off your trouble for awhile and then you can begin again. If the answer comes when you’re cooking and you forget to put in several ingredients, you can always call for a pizza. Exercise? Ride a bike, touch your toes, take a hike, or run around the block? You trip on an uneven bit of pavement and the answer to the problem with your story pops into your mind as you lay sprawled on the sidewalk—who cares about the few scrapes and bruises? Band-Aids and antiseptic and you’re back to the computer. The dog wants to walk—a perfect time to think. While he takes the time to “smell the roses,” you realize the answer is obvious. “Sorry, pup, we’re going home, I’ll make it up to you later.”
     Have you found solutions to a writing dilemma in an unlikely setting?
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