Friday, June 8, 2012


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Do you ever fnd yourself dreaming about the past? Not the recent past. Not  events that have happened to you, family, friends or the world during your lifetime but the earth as it existed centuries before you were born. Does that dream, linger in your thoughts, encourage research and come to life in a short story or a novel about a different generation who lived in another period with their own beliefs, customs, dress and language? Or does your mind take flight to another galaxy--a far-off place where your imagination can soar?

From cavemen to the Renaissance, Tudor England to Mars, Plymouth to prohibition, a cast of characters tell stories that can entrance, shock and connect to today. New Orleans and the blues, jazz in the twenties, the magic of Broadway's musical comedies in the forties, fifties and sixties, the Beatles generation, rock and today's rap all stir the imagination. Art from prehistoric times to today's modern works offer a bittersweet longing, a homesickness for places you've only fantasized about. A trip to bygone times allows us to form a mental image and a chance to create what might have been,  an opportunity to "sit around the campfire" and tell a story.


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