Saturday, June 16, 2012


Enjoyed lunch with friends yesterday and found the mother lode of books. One friend and I have the same taste and we both enjoy many genres of fiction. When I returned home and gently removed the books from the shopping bag used to transport them I discovered a wealth of good reading. Elizabeth Gaskell, Alice Munro, Rosamund Lupton, Ruth Rendell, Jody Picoult and Kate Atkinson. I shall try to finish the New York Times Sunday edition by tomorrow and Ahab's Wife (happily waiting in my Nook) and begin. On my TBR list is Robert Caro's bio. of Lyndon Johnson, The Astaires by Kathleen Riley, Frank Langella's autobio.and The Age of Doubt by Andrea Montalbano.

In return, I gave my friend three more Reginald Hill Dalziel and Pascoe books. Buried in a page of the last Reginald Hill I gave her was an old, old bookmark from Benjamin Books. The address of the bookstore's corporate owner was listed as 330 Dalziel Road. Coincidence?



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