Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Vacationed--for a few hours--in Paris last Sunday. Went to see Woody Allen's new film Midnight in Paris. Made me feel as if I were walking the streets and boulevards once more. Remembered dining at the Eiffel Tower. Had to steel myself to get up to the restaurant as I have a fear of heights but it was oh, so worth it. then there is the Louvre and Napoleon's tomb where I somehow locked myself into a stall in the john and was instructed in myriad languages on the best way to get out. The bridges and a cool canal boat ride on a hot day listening to stories about the districts we passed and peeking at mussels clinging to the sides of the canal and spitting. I did not take it personally. One day, my husband and I stopped at a bakery and bought a long, French bread then a shop that sold cheese. A bottle of wine and we had a picnic in the park.

The film's music was perfect and the artists that were brought to life delightful.

Have you seen the movie?



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