Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain, Fog, Doom and Gloom

Rain on Monday and Tuesday, another sloshful day on Wednesday, by Thursday we'll wish we built an arc. Rain is good for gardens, vegetables and dancers talented enough to imitate Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain. And rain is good for mysteries. Think of London--Jack the Ripper is still written about today. Sherlock Holmes sells and sells and sells. Weather helps mysteries and nudges overactive imaginations. Think of walking home--alone. Late at night--thunder rattles windows, lightning flashes. You look behind and wonder if that was the shadow of a tree or someone following. You pick up your step, walk faster and faster and faster--right into a puddle. Your brand new pair of expensive shoes is ruined and all because you imagined someone was after you. You decide to open your umbrella and hear someone splashing--the sound is too close for comfort. You turn--raise your umbrella and are about to strike then discover it's your next door neighbor dressed in a raincoat, rainhat and boots.

"What a night," she says. "What a night."

I shall look for sunshine and flowers on Friday.



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  1. That is so true, Elise. We can put ourselves into a panic over sounds like that. Every creak and groan in our house is naturally someone trying to break in. Gosh we must have a lot of busy, unsuccessful burglars in the neighborhood. LOL

  2. Wonder what an unsuccessful burglar does for a living?