Thursday, May 19, 2011


I've discovered a new detective. His name is Murdock and his television series is shown on Channel 21 in New York. The series comes from Canada and the time seems to be the early part of the 20Th Century. Murdock is into new technology--electricity, microscopes, all new exciting inventions that aid in the solution of a case interest him. He rides a bike and a horse, shares his knowledge with a young subordinate and works well with his pathologist. She can discover a good deal when she begins work on the victim. there is something developing between the two. I detect attraction. The head of the department believes in the old way of doing things and is not adverse to using his fists--a bit of a Neanderthal but he's there when Murdock needs him.

Are there any Canadians reading this blog that can tell me if the series is based on a novel?

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  1. Elise, these sounded so good, I went and googled. Found they're written by Maureen Jennings Thanks for the tip :)

  2. Thanks, Jenny. I do want to learn more about the author and characters.