Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Other Desert Cities

Lincoln Center is presenting another marvelous play. Written by Jon Robin Baitz, the play takes place over the Christmas holidays and explores love and dysfunction in a not so typical family. Became deeply involved with a cast that includes Stockard Channing and Linda Lavin. I believed, I believed and that's what theatre and writing is all about.

Indulged in heavenly food at Shun Lee afterward. One of the best restaurants in the city. Prawns, chicken with three nuts, hand-made noodles and vegetables and eggplant-just hot enough to add zip to the dish. Great food that warms the tummy and the sould during this cold, icy winter.

Today, snow, ice and rain make the streets slippery and the best place to be is in front of the computer deciding how to end an article.

Onward and upward with the arts. Who said that?



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