Friday, January 7, 2011

Mostly About Writing

This blog will be about my love for writing-mysteries, travel, and history plus a little bit of things that catch my interest.

Right now I'm into the first draft of a new novel-not a mystery-but murder does rear its ugly head; finished an article that's due for publication soon. Signed up for a fascinating forum on self-editing taught by the executive editor of Carina Press, need to send out a multitude of queries and research and write another article. The day really needs more than twenty-four hours.

On to the new novel.

Hope to see you tomorrow.




  1. I love that picture, Elise. You look like you're "up to no good" there :)

    Best of luck with that hectic schedule!

  2. Guess we all enjoy being "up to no good," at times. Maybe we should all ddo a blog about that.