Friday, January 21, 2011


The Big Apple has slush on the corners, pools of water waiting for someone to slip and rims of ice decorating the outer edges of the sidewalk. At times I long for spring to come quickly-in a sense wishing my life away. Usually I enjoy the four seasons but this winter is a doozy.

I dream of other countries-vacations in warm, relaxing lands. Sorrento with its orange and lemon trees, Amalfi with its homes perched high in the clouds-all dressed in summery ice cream colors. The other side of the world-Australia-the tropical rain forest with birds that are foreign to me flaunting brilliant feathers and crocodiles lifting their long, tapering snouts from the water in a phoney grin. Kangeroos of every size and shape some willing to be stroked and koala bears suffering the hugs of a tourist. Greece with its antiquities where the mind can rove back to another time and the beginnings of culture. London-just as cold as my city until you step into a theatre and marvel at the plays and actors. The applause warms the heart as well as the hands.

Until I can visit once more I settle for comfort food-tomato soup sprinkled with basil, cheese sandwiches and a hot mug of Columbian coffee.

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