Thursday, March 13, 2014



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     I have unfinished stories rattling around in my brain. bits of information stored in files on my computer, jotted on pieces of paper--sometimes a line, sometimes a title, once in awhile an entire paragraph or page.
     The story is waiting for the heroine or the hero. Perhaps I have to decide on the villain. Often I have met the characters but the plot is fuzzy. Then one day--often when I least expect it--the story jells and I can sit down at the computer and begin. When I reach the end, I go back to the beginning and as Oscar Hammerstein wrote, "A very good place to start."
     My characters often change my mind about things. The villain declares he is not really evil and the heroine says she is definitely not  a namby-pamby while a secondary character tries to get into the act. It's time to rewrite and then go back again and again. Read the story aloud and decide if it's good to go.

     How about you? Is your brain rattling with unfinished stories waiting to escape?


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