Monday, December 23, 2013


     Jackie--Our poodle,
loved baked beans and rice pudding.
Hated snow boots and coats, and liked macho male dogs. Though just six pounds, she managed to push my hubby and I to the far sides of the bed while she stretched out in the middle. Would wake me in the morning with a lick in the ear.

Jean Anne with Lady  Our dance captains
     On tour with a musical comedy, we drove our leading lady to place where toy poodles were bred. You guessed it, five of us became the proud parents of poodles. Another member of the company bought a sheltie, another...well you know what the time Christmas came we looked more like a dog show than show people. It just so happens I have photos of Jackie's first Christmas party and like any proud puppy owner, I'm going to show them to you.

Georgia with Ming Toy
 Mimi with Peter (Her Tenor)

Jen and Missy Our Leading Ladies
 Mr. Kelly with Marilyn.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Bright and Shining New Year,


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