Wednesday, August 7, 2013


     A young woman—overflowing with enthusiasm—addressed our tour group. We were invited to a wine tasting in Tuscany. We trouped down the cellar stairs, were gifted with silver-colored wine tasters and listened trying to absorb her lessons about how the grapes were grown, how to taste and how to choose the appropriate wine for each meal and each course.
     We learned how to sniff the wine, roll a sip around our mouth and decide if it was to our personal taste.
     Our first sip and the “teacher,” looked at us and asked for our opinions. Quiet reigned.
     “Nice,” I said.
     “Nice!” I received a glare in return for breaking the silence.
     “This wine,” she said, “This wine is rich with the fragrance of the earth. Sunlight has added a warm glow.
     When we write our stories many writers paint an image of time and place, the background and the actions that affect our heroes and villains. We think and may place upon page previous happenings that may cause a specific or sometimes unexpected reaction in the tale we tell.
     Other writers keep description to the bare minimum and pare the words and sentences until the story is lean and spare.
     I imagine the writers we tend to read and admire have influenced our own choices when we sit down at the keyboard.
     Are you lean and spare or do you paint your picture? Who has been an influence in your life?
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