Friday, March 22, 2013


     I'd like to introduce you to my toy poodle. Gone a number of years now, she still lives on in my heart and was the focus along with her friends--three other toy poodles, a sheltie and a Pekingese--of one of the first articles I wrote that was published. She was also the inspiration for  a short story that won a prize in an AKC fiction contest.
     Jackie and her friends joined us while we were touring with the national company of a Broadway musical. Part of the tour was what is called a "Bus and Truck," and when we descended the steps of our bus for a rest break and walks for the dogs, people would think we were a dog show. Jackie could easily jump from the left side of the bus to the right--if a ballet were ever written for dogs she would have been a star.
     She didn't like dog coats or snow boots (even thought the boots I bought for her came from Bloomingdales) and once she hid the coats so well I coouldn't find them for a week. She couldn't stand bows put on her ears by the groomer and insisted they be removed but she didn't mind the attention paid to her by handsome dogs--she did have good taste in men.
     Her favorite people foods after steak and ice cream were baked beans and rice pudding. Though shy, she had a big bark--taught to her by my husband--and if the doorbell rang employed it. When I looked through the peephole, the vendor would be standing far back. He had no way of knowing that Jackie was now hiding under the bed--although she always left room for me. I miss her.



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