Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

     Photo c Jxpfeer
     My saga begins when the lid to the carafe on my coffee machine broke. Simple, I thought. All I have to do is go into the pharmacy around the corner and buy another carafe. They don't carry carafe or coffee machines anymore. I tried thesupermarket--and thought I'd found a generic. Too big. Tried the 99-cent stores--none in stock. Tried my first bath and kitchen shop. Latte machines, espresso machines and cappachino machines, machines with charcoal filters and coffee stations that brew enough coffee for an office. They had two machines that would work for me but the boxes looked as if they had been opened. On to the first department store. Ah-hah! found one. Unpacked and went to wash the carafe and the lid was broken. Back to the store and returned it, then went on to the next department store where I found coffee machines for the top 1% but nothing for me. On to the  other end of the mall--there it was and I had a coupon. Took it home and realized I bought one that didn't have a carafe--it was meant for an office. Returned it the next morning and was told I would lose the coupon unless I exchanged it. Found a more expensive one BUT it was on sale and another coupon had come in the mail. I do have to use a charcoal filter with it--supposed to last for sixty days but it makes a grand cup of coffee. As Will shakespeare would say, "All's well that ends well." A writer needs her coffee.


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