Friday, December 7, 2012


Palette Color by OCAL

     Visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday to see The George Bellows Exhibit. Bellows was an early 20th century "realist."On the walls of each room were quotations and I believe this one, written in 1917, can apply to the work of every artist whether a painter, sculptor, performer, or writer.
      "It seems to me that an artist must be a spectator of life; a reverential, enthusiastic, emotional spectator, and then the great dramas of human nature will surge through his mind."
     Each room is dedicated to a period in his development. One exhibits his brutal paintings of bloodied fighters watched by fans driven by their lust for more of this cruel "sport." Another gallery has his paintings of young boys--newly arrived and poor immigrants swimming and diving on "Splinter Beach," the Hudson River near Manhattan's lower East side. War paintings of the First World War show the cruelty visited by man upon man and the last gallery shows his work with lithography and his use of brighter colors. Bellows died in 1925--much too soon--of a ruptured appendix. He  painted the enthusiasm and enrgy of America.



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