Friday, November 2, 2012


Photo by Fairoesh Nan I
     I believe every writer has an editor they’ve been extremely fond of. The one that you key in with, who thinks your piece is perfect for his/her publication. Who can communicate quickly and with ease what changes, cuts or additions he would like.
     Alas, in our world today, Editors often move on to other publications, their magazine or newspaper may close and their new job may not allow them to use the type of material you write. You have to go on the hunt and search for another magazine, another editor but you think—she was so perfect who can possibly take her place?
     The first article I ever wrote and submitted was rejected by the editor but he took the time to encourage me to send it out again. I did and it was accepted. I often think of him.
     I wrote freelance pieces for an international company beginning with on-line travel squibs and soon longer travel articles were accepted for their print magazines. The editor became a favorite of mine but eventually the magazine was sold to another company and immediately their articles all related to selling property. My editor (I tend to be possesive) moved on to a technical magazine. Every once in awhile, I write something and catch myself thinking wouldn’t this be perfect for...then I remember...the magazine is gone.
     The search begins again and I think of an editor who addresses me as Miss--our relationship is formal-- but she purchases most of my submissions and encourages me to send more. I'm extremely fond of her. A new magazine (for me) recently published another piece of mine--after we were hit by Sandy, she wrote and asked how I was.
     Now these are editors I love and would happily write for any time they wish. Are there editors you feel the same way about?



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