Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time and Place

I have the travel bug. I've always love travel through the United States and Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand. I find it exciting to learn history, meet people, gaze at mountains and oceans and let my mind wander. It leads to non-fiction articles and stirs my imagination leading to fiction.

Articles have been written about the monasteries in Greece, the amphitheatres in Syracuse, and the Gelato in Rome, Italy, Shakespeare Globe in London, and Gillette's Castle in Connecticut. My eBook cozy, Scene Stealer, takes place, here at home, in New York, short stories on Manhattan's streets and one influenced by a garden that was in the back of my apartment building. A mystery takes place in an affluent community in New Jersey and another in an abandoned mill in Sorrento many centuries ago.

Does travel and a sense of time and place influence your writing?



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