Monday, March 19, 2012


Belong to Theatre Development Fund and when I checked their site, I saw an ad for Newsical The Musical and promptly bought tickets thinking it was the show about the young boys who early in the century sold newspapers on the streets of NYC. the boys wanted to earn a penny more for each paper they sold but the big newspapers magnets said ,"NO." The boys went on strike. The show was due to start according to my confirmation notice at 3:00 pm but when I glanced at the Arts Section of the NY Times, I saw a different time and a different address. After a few phone calls, I found out I had bought tickets for an entirely differnet show. The show about the newsboys is called Newsies.
But Newsical The Musical turned out to be a delightful satire on politics, the demise of soap operas, talking heads, television and Dr. Spock. The cast features a multi-talented cast who I'm sure will become familiar names in the very near future. So "Thank you," Chistina Bianco, Christine Pedi, Tommy Walker, Michael West and the Musical Director Ed Goldschneider for an extremely entertaining afternoon.

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