Thursday, February 2, 2012


I love to travel. History is around every corner and smiling down from hills, heights and mountains in Italy and Greece. I treasure the hours I've spent in museums and theatres, the gardens and streets of London. The other-worldliness of kangaroos, a lonesome Emu, Tasmanian Devils and smart-Alec Geckos I've been introduced to in Australia. People in every country that welcome me with warmth and fantastic food. But when it comes to more exotic places, I've discovered I'm an armchair traveler who enjoys snuggling under a blanket on a cold night to immerse myself in stories about China, India and this past week--Burma. I traveled via the printed page with an author I never read before. His name is Norman Lewis and the book is Golden Earth about his travels in Burma. The book was originally published in 1951. Burma, today is known as Myanmar and our government has recently become friends with theirs.
Lewis describes a land pleasing to the eye. A land of natural beauty with hospital people who welcome him, offer him a place to sleep and whip up more curries than his stomach can sometimes take. He's a writer whose descriptions are vivid and I could feel the jolting of the worn-out wagons he rode in as he traversed this magical land. I look forward to armchair travelling with him in another book.


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