Friday, February 25, 2011

Notes to Me

A small notebook rests in my bag, another in my bedside table. I've discovered that I may wake in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea that mustn't be forgotten. Sometimes in the bright light of morning, the idea isn't all that brilliant. Sometimes I can't read my own writing and can't remember what I wrote. Sometimes the note is worth thinking about and sometimes the note turns into an article, a short story and--with a lot of time spent sitting at the computer--a book.

When I'm in a restaurant--shamelessly eavesdropping--I pull out the notebook in my pocket. The book is very useful during rides on the subway or bus. I never know when something will spark a note, a line or a name and once-in-awhile, I tear out a sheet and jot down the few groceries I musn't forget or the title of a book that must be read.

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