Saturday, June 18, 2011

World's Foremost Legal Forger

June 19th is father's day and I'd like to tell you about my dad.

What does your dad do for a living? Not a cop, lawyer, salesman or chef--I always enjoyed telling my elementary schoolmates at show and tell what my father did for a living. He was a forger-- known as the World's Foremost Legal Forger and he made a living forging signatures. Motion picture celebrities and musicians too busy to sign their own names to photographs, business men who wanted to send a personalized letter on behalf of a charity, advertisements--anything legal. There were very few forgers--honest ones around in his day and several articles were written about him. He had dreamed of being an artist and when he copied pictures as a child, he also copied the artist's signature never dreaming that would lead to his career as a forger.

He had a pixie sense of humor and loved puns so did my mother's brothers and when the family got together, each tried to top the other. He loved poker, played conservatively--penny and two were the stakes--and almost always lost. My mother-in-law's baked beans and cheesecake were his favorite dishes. I miss him.

It would be nice to think of him in a better world fulfilling his dream, painting his pictures--a happy man.



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  1. Such an interesting profession and he sounded like a lovely man. *hugs*